Best Ways To Lose Weight In The Gym!

Best Ways To Lose Weight In The Gym!

Not Noticing A Difference In The Gym? 

Take a look at our own expert tips below to help you get the most out of the gym 

  1. Improve your nutrition. The time you spend in the gym is not nearly as important as the time you spend out of the gym. Let’s say you go to the gym, bust your ass and burn 500 calories. Well, that’s great, but that Starbucks white chocolate mocha you had that morning is 510 calories. Oh and that pint of Ben and Jerry’s chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream? Yea, that’s more than 1,120 calories, you really need to manage your diet or your gyms will become a waste of time! You've got to put in as much effort outside the gym.
  2. Lift weights. Too many people I see at the gym don’t lift any weights and this is a shame. You’ll see more on making your weight lifting more effective below, don't be afraid to give it a go!
  3. Supersets. For supersets, you simply pair two exercises together and do a set of one exercise immediately followed by a set of the other exercise. By structuring your supersets this way you’ll allow one muscle group to rest while the other group is working, Overall you'll work much harder! 
  4. Circuits. In the circuits typically choose 4-6 exercises and, like supersets,  little to no rest between exercises, using all muscle workouts,  and then resting at the end. A combination of lower body and upper body exercises, often including a core exercise and cardio exercise as well.
  5. Workout with a friend.  Workouts are always better when I workout with someone else. Three times per week I workout with two of my clients and we tear it up!  Find a stronger friend to workout with you and you’ll be able to get faster results in the gym and push you to the limit  – Just don’t choose someone who you’ll talk with non-stop while you’re training


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